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Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering is the field of using science to solve complex problems.  With regards to Mr. Hughes's experience, the problems could be the cause of a fire, breakdown in system safety, because of a building collapse or the tragic death of a person.  Using basic and complex engineering principles, Mr. Hughes has investigated hundreds of incidents and has prepared reports as well as testified.  Mr. Hughes offers a cost effective engineering solution by bringing both his knowledge of the construction industry as well as the hundreds of past assignments to each new case.  Most assignments include a review of existing data, site visits, and report preparation.  Quite often he has experienced the same type of accidents but in different states.











Building Design and Construction Hazards

Building Design and Construction Hazards

 A brief summary of the objectives of the book is included to provide the engineer who may be involved in building design or working as a construction manager with methods to identify hazards and the knowledge to apply available technology to prevent injury, death and damage during the life cycle of the building.  The book also includes hundreds of actual accident locations in and around building and why a specific detail is hazardous.


Residential Construction Disputes: Why they happen and how to avoid or resolve them

This book's purpose is to assist both buyers and builders on avoiding litigation and once the process has moved to this arena, how it can be resolved.